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My Whole Life

I was born to reflect the image of a God who is powerful enough to create my universe, attentive enough to hear my prayers and loving enough to be defined by self-sacrifice. I find my greatest fulfillment on a journey toward purpose and wholeness.

Our Beliefs

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.

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Calhoun Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2017-12-09 Love Came Down...A Babe with a Rod of Iron Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-11-25 I Can do All Things Jonathan Montes Play
2017-11-11 Taking Strategic Action Don Jehle Play
2017-10-28 Here We Stand...On Words Made Sure Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-10-14 Out with the Old, In with the New Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-10-07 Things Are Not Always What They Seem Ray Hartwell Play
2017-09-30 One and Only Jonathan Montes Play
2017-09-16 Breakthrough Prayers - God's Leading Is a Zigzag Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-09-02 A Moment of Doubt Jonathan Montes Play
2017-08-26 Breakthrough Prayers . . . Do You Really Want God’s Answer? Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-08-12 Is There Not a People? Dr. Dan Jarrard Play
2017-08-05 Longing for a Breakthrough Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-07-22 Live Like You're Moving Jonathan Montes Play
2017-07-15 Run with Endurance E.W. Dempsey Play
2017-07-08 Grace for the Race Dennis Starkey Play
2017-07-01 Declaration of Freedom Jonathan Montes Play
2017-06-24 Sleep Walking & Mumbling David Brannon Play
2017-06-17 Just One More Gary Rustad Play
2017-06-10 "The Essentials.. The Judgment" Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-05-27 "The Essentials.. Living By Faith" Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-05-13 John L Coble Elementary 2017 Play
2017-05-06 The Hiding of His Power Dave Smith Play
2017-04-29 The Essentials... the Rest of God Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-04-22 For What's It's Worth Jonathan Montes Play
2017-04-08 Story of Redemption Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-04-01 The Essentials.... The Cross of Christ Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-03-25 All God's Biddings are Enablings Dr. Ben Schoun Play
2017-03-18 Waking The Dead Dr. Russell Burrill Play
2017-03-11 The Essentials of Salvation... The Two Adams Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-03-04 The Remnant Church, Grace and Grateful Living Ray Hartwell Play
2017-02-25 The Essentials of Salvation...God is Love Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-02-18 The Socialism of Grace Jonathan Montes Play
2017-02-11 The Struggle for Love Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-02-04 Do Something Caleb Alvarez Play
2017-01-28 The Kingdom that Grows Mark Piotrowski Play
2017-01-21 The Family Dinner Jonathan Montes Play
2017-01-14 What You Seek, You Find Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-12-31 Who Get's the Glory Lee Venden Play
2016-12-24 Christmas Medley Play
2016-12-10 A Season of Silence Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-12-03 Follow That Star Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-11-26 Reclaiming the Holiday Jonathan Montes Play
2016-11-19 Thanksgiving Catalogue Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-11-12 God's Suprise In The Judgement Pt.1 Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-11-05 Player or Pretender? Kevin Kossick Play
2016-10-29 Church Family Dylan Day & Josh Walker Play
2016-10-22 What Do You See? Gordon Bietz Play
2016-10-15 Armageddon (Part 2) Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-10-08 Armageddon (Part 1) Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-10-01 All In Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-09-24 Getting to the Heart of the Matter Wayne Owen Play
2016-09-17 Snatched From the Fire Mark Piatrowski Play
2016-09-10 The Witness of Unity Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-08-27 Who Is My Neighbor? Doug Jacobs Play
2016-08-20 Going for Gold Jonathan Montes Play
2016-08-13 Honoring the Giver Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-08-06 The Brush Strokes of the Master Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-07-30 It's All in a Name! Gary Rustad Play
2016-07-23 Bruised but Victorious Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-07-16 Scandalous Jonathan Montes Play
2016-07-09 A Mary Moment Tabor Nudd Play
2016-07-02 A Place Prepared by God Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-06-25 No Need to Weep Anymore Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-06-18 I’m Gonna Be Like You Dad Jonathan Montes Play
2016-06-11 Defying the Impossible Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-05-28 The Wise and the Foolish Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-05-21 A Life That Shouts! Dave Smith Play
2016-05-14 The Fabric of Humanity Larry Milliken Play
2016-05-07 The Blessing of Mother's Teaching Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-04-30 Two Most Important Words Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-04-23 Claim Victory Play
2016-04-16 Ready for Christ's Return Ken Mittleider Play
2016-04-09 Prayer Ministry Day--2 How to Build a House of Prayer Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-04-09 Prayer Ministry Day--1 God's Blueprint for His Church Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-04-09 How to Light a Fire Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-04-02 The Far and Near God Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-03-12 ...But Continue David Brannon Play
2016-03-05 Man, What a God Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-02-27 The Fix Mark Piotrowski Play
2016-02-20 Andrew the Personal Evangelist Jonathan Montes Play
2016-02-13 What are You Discussing? Jonathan Montes Play
2016-02-06 Idol Worship Caleb Alvarez Play
2016-01-30 Daily Bread Jonathan Montes Play
2016-01-23 How Are You Training Jonathan Montes Play
2016-01-16 Joyful Living in an Upside Down World Chris Massengill Play
2016-01-09 God's Red Heifer Neil Reid Play
2016-01-02 In the Beginning Jonathan Montes Play
2015-12-26 You Can Be a Star Larry Milliken Play
2015-12-19 Christmas Program 2015 Music Program Play
2015-12-12 As He Sent Me...I Send You Jonathan Montes Play
2015-12-05 Everyday Miracles Jonathan Montes Play
2015-11-28 The Grinch That Stole Thanksgiving Jonathan Montes Play
2015-11-21 With a Heart Like Mine Dick Miller Play
2015-11-14 Be of Good Cheer Grant Agadjanian Play
2015-11-07 Earth's first crisis Jim Davidson Play
2015-10-31 Foundations Jonathan Montes Play
2015-10-24 Our Last Message David Brannon Play
2015-10-17 Relationships Jason Foster Play
2015-10-10 Don't Be Foolish Jonathan Montes Play
2015-10-03 Facing a Prophetic Crisis: Hezekiah's Walk of Faith Michael Hasel Play
2015-09-26 Daily Reminder, Communion Jonathan Montes Play
2015-09-19 Why the Delay? Jonathan Montes Play
2015-09-12 Watching Peter Jonathan Montes Play
2015-09-05 Interrupting Heaven Chris Massengill Play
2015-08-29 Empty Jars Miguel Valdivia Play
2015-08-21 Lack of Work Jonathan Montes Play
2015-08-14 Each Man's King Jonathan Montes Play
2015-08-07 One Righteous Man? Jonathan Montes Play
2015-07-31 Meeting Jesus at the Feast of the Tabernacles Gary Rustad Play
2015-07-24 Meeting Jesus at the Feast of Trumpets & Day of Atonement Gary Rustad Play
2015-07-17 Meeting Jesus at the Feast of Weeks Gary Rustad Play
2015-07-10 How Do You View the Master? Isaac Nwadike Play
2015-06-26 Meeting Jesus at the Feast of Firstfruits Gary Rustad Play
2015-06-19 Meeting Jesus at the Feast of Unleavened Bread Gary Rustad Play
2015-06-12 Jubilee of Forgiveness Jonathan Montes Play
2015-06-05 Meeting Jesus at the Feast of the Passover Gary Rustad Play
2015-05-29 Sleeping Soldiers in Wartime Mike Miller Play
2015-05-22 Continue... Gary Rustad Play
2015-05-15 Jubilee Jonathan Montes Play
2015-05-08 Mother Gary Rustad Play
2015-05-01 Way Past Ready Gary Rustad Play
2015-04-24 Who Is My Enemy? Jonathan Montes Play
2015-04-17 Worship in Song Jaclynn Huse Play
2015-04-10 Worship - It's More Than Church and School Gary Rustad Play
2015-03-27 My Kids Use to Be Perfect Gary Rustad Play
2015-03-20 I Use to Be Perfect Gary Rustad Play
2015-03-13 Worship - Choices Gary Rustad Play
2015-03-06 Worship - Cameleon Gary Rustad Play
2015-02-27 Beautiful Letdown Jonathan Montes Play
2015-02-20 The Foolishness of Knowledge & the Wisdom of Love Jonathan Montes Play
2015-02-13 Worship - Jesus's Radical Teaching on One Gary Rustad Play
2015-02-12 The Radical Teachings of Jesus - What Jesus taught about death Play
2015-02-09 The Radical Teachings of Jesus - What Jesus taught about His return Play
2015-02-06 Mephibosheth and Grace Chase Teague Play
2015-02-06 The Radical Teachings of Jesus - What Jesus tought about himself Play
2015-01-30 Worship - Facebook Gary Rustad Play
2015-01-23 Worship - Catecholamine Garry Rustad Play
2015-01-16 Daily Prayer Jonathan Montes Play
2015-01-09 ONE for All! Gary Rustad Play
2015-01-02 All for ONE, ONE for All Gary Rustad Play
2014-12-21 Christmas Program 2014 Play
2014-12-12 Joy or Woe Gary Rustad Play
2014-12-05 Revelation's Rescue Joe Cirigliano Play
2014-11-28 Thankmas Gary Rustad Play
2014-11-21 Lukewarm Jonathan Montes Play
2014-11-14 Why? Jonathan Montes Play
2014-10-31 The Law of Action-Reaction(Revised)2 Gary Rustad Play
2014-10-24 The Law of Action-Reaction (Revisited)1 Gary Rustad Play
2014-10-10 Revelation's Feast Play
2014-10-03 Trouble in the Valley Ted Hamilton Play
2014-09-26 Revelation's Rest Joe Cirigliano Play
2014-09-19 Lost In The Multitudes Joe Cirigliano Play
2014-09-12 Templates for Christian Living: Self Play
2014-09-05 Templates for Christian Living: Family Gary Rustad Play
2014-08-29 Templates for Christian Living: Church Gary Rustad Play
2014-08-22 The Lie of a Flower Shop Jonathan Montes Play
2014-08-15 Team Up For Him ,Sharing Gary Rustad Play
2014-08-08 TEAM UP For Him - Speaking Gary Rustad Play
2014-08-01 TEAM Up for Him: Where There Is One Gary Rustad Play
2014-07-25 The Good Boy's Conversion Fred Fuller Play
2014-07-18 Why Team Up for Him? Gary Rustad Play
2014-07-11 Hold On Jonathan Montes Play
2014-07-09 Dependence over Independence Gary Rustad Play
2014-06-27 Communion Gary Rustad Play
2014-06-20 Pergamos Jonathan Montes Play
2014-06-06 Made by God Gary Rustad Play
2014-05-30 When The Love Goes Out Of The Living Victor Maddox Play
2014-05-16 .450: 9 for 16 Gary Rustad Play
2014-05-09 .450: 7 for 14 Gary Rustad Play
2014-05-02 Poor Me Jonathan Montes Play
2014-04-25 Musical program Camerata Play
2014-04-18 Bow The Knee Play
2014-04-11 .450: 6 for 11 Play
2014-04-04 Forsaken First Love Jonathan Montes Play
2014-03-28 .450-1 for 1 Gary Rustad Play
2014-03-21 .450: 5 for 10 Gary Rustad Play
2014-03-14 Celebrating the Life of Marsha Viola Chesnut Claus Harold Cunningham Play
2014-03-14 .450: 4 for 9 Gary Rustad Play
2014-03-07 .450: 3 for 8 Gary Rustad Play
2014-02-28 .450: 2 for 4 Gary Rustad Play
2014-02-21 Reliance on God Gary Rustad Play
2014-02-14 Love Does Jonathan Montes Play
2014-02-07 God Is Not Fair Jonathan Montes Play
2014-01-31 Pathfinder Sabbath Play
2014-01-17 T.E.A.M. Up for HIM Gary Rustad Play
2014-01-10 The Centurion at the Cross: The Absolute Power of the Cross Dick Stenbakken Play
2014-01-03 Undignified Play
2013-12-27 Out With the Old Gary Rustad Play
2013-12-20 Christmas Program Play
2013-12-13 One More Gift Gary Rustad Play
2013-12-06 Prison Economy Jonathan Montes Play
2013-11-30 Always In Season Gary Rustad Play
2013-11-22 Recieved With Thanksgiving Gary Rustad Play
2013-11-15 Yoked Jonathan Montes Play
2013-11-08 One Day a Veteran? Gary Rustad Play
2013-10-25 Bones Gary Rustad Play
2013-10-18 God's Mud Jonathan Montes Play
2013-10-11 He Works at Gordon Hospital! Dave Smith Play
2013-10-04 Revelation's Prophetic Movement at End-Time Gary Rustad Play
2013-09-27 Revalation Predicts the U.S. in Prophecy Gary Rustad Play
2013-09-20 Revelation's Final Judgment Gary Rustad Play
2013-09-13 Communication Problems? The Final Solution Gary Rustad Play
2013-09-06 "Joyful joyful, we adore Thee" Pastor steven Manoukian Play
2013-09-06 Communication Problems? A Classic Heavenly Response Gary Rustad Play
2013-08-30 "People Need the Lord" Amanda Madyara Play
2013-08-30 Taming the Tempest Jonathan Montes Play
2013-08-23 Mighty to Save Praise Team Play
2013-08-23 Communication Problems? A Typical Human Response Gary Rustad Play
2013-08-16 Communication Gary Rustad Play
2013-08-09 How to Reach God Gary Rustad Play
2013-08-02 Freedom In Stocks Jonathan Montes Play
2013-07-26 The Greatest Evangelist Gary Rustad Play
2013-07-12 Out on a Limb Jonathan Montes Play
2013-07-05 Acted Parables Gary Rustad Play
2013-06-28 Nature Vision Gary Rustad Play
2013-06-21 Searching for the Invisible Gary Rustad Play
2013-06-14 God Said It Elizabeth Williams Play
2013-06-07 Ask "Why" Women of Faith Play
2013-05-31 Three Stories in One Jonathan Montes Play
2013-05-10 Mothers Gary Rustad Play
2013-04-26 Story of Salvation, Part 3 Gary Rustad Play
2013-04-19 Story of Salvation, Part 2 Play
2013-04-12 Story of Salvation, Part 1 Gary Rustad Play
2013-04-05 Together Jonathan Montes Play
2013-03-15 Finding Strength in Weakness Paul Hoover Play
2012-01-06 Shaking All Around Play
2013-03-01 How to Grow-Part 1 Gary Rustad Play
2013-02-15 Walking with Jesus Mei Chin Play
2013-02-08 Dare to Stand Alone Lincoln Steed Play
2013-02-01 Missing Roofs Brennon Kirstein Play
2013-01-18 Chariots Ken Mittleider Play
2013-01-11 Where are those who condemn you? Jonathan Montes Play
2013-01-04 Every Sinner Has a Future Gary Rustad Play
2012-12-28 Yesterday, Today and Forever Lowell Jenks Play
2012-12-21 Hope Arriving Choir Christmas Program Play
2012-12-14 Refurbishing the Christmas Story Gary Rustad Play
2012-12-07 His Birth = Our Life Gary Rustad Play
2012-11-30 Thankful One Jonathan Montes Play
2012-11-23 Endurance of the Saints Gary Rustad Play
2012-11-16 Message #3 Gary Rustad Play
2012-11-09 He Works Here! Gary Rustad Play
2012-11-02 Message #2 Gary Rustad Play
2012-10-26 Message #1 Gary Rustad Play
2012-10-19 Contract of the Heart Jonathan Montes Play
2012-10-12 A Call To Lead Gary Rosberg Play
2012-10-05 Thermometer or Thermostat: In Your Church Gary Rustad Play
2012-09-28 Attracted or Distracted Jonathan Montes Play
2012-09-21 Thermometer or Thermostat: End Time Events Gary Rustad Play
2012-09-14 Thermometer or Your Home Gary Rustad Play
2012-09-07 Well Begun Is Half Done Ed Wright Play
2012-08-31 Keep Pouring Jonathan Montes Play
2012-08-24 Thermometer or Thermostat Gary Rustad Play
2012-08-17 He Was, Is, and Will Gary Rustad Play
2012-08-10 Tales From the Southeastern Asia Division Kevin Costello Play
2012-08-03 Holy Treasures Mitch Hazekamp Play
2012-07-27 Change My Name Jonathan Montes Play
2012-07-20 The Battle Is Not Yours, It's God's Gary Rustad Play
2012-07-13 Oh No Its Sabbath Again Gary Rustad Play
2012-07-06 Its Everything ! Gary Rustad Play
2012-06-29 You Are a Hero Jonathan Montes Play
2012-06-22 Faith Is.... Gary Rustad Play
2012-06-15 Who Would You Choose? Gary Rustad Play
2012-06-08 A Ministry in our Midst Jo Dubs Play
2012-06-01 The Name of God Jonathan Montes Play
2012-05-18 I AM: A Memorial Gary Rustad Play
2012-05-11 A Mother's Faith Gary Rustad Play
2012-05-04 Striving to Know Nothing Jonathan Montes Play
2012-04-27 Character Qualification Gary Rustad Play
2012-04-20 Communion Gary Rustad Play
2012-04-13 Making a Difference Dan Jackson Play
2012-04-06 Bow the Knee Play
2012-03-23 God's Intention for Dirt-Treasure Gary Rustad Play
2012-03-09 God's Intention for Dirt - Time Gary Rustad Play
2012-03-02 God's Timetable Play
2012-02-24 Three Gary Rustad Play
2012-02-17 Two Gary Rustad Play
2012-02-10 One Gary Rustad Play
2012-02-03 Family of God Play
2012-01-27 God Sent a Man Warren Thomas Play
2012-01-20 A Faithful God-His Radiance Dick Miller Play
2012-01-13 Above and Beyond Tony Baumann Play
2011-12-30 Unity Gary Rustad Play
2011-12-23 What'd You Expect? Darrel Starkey Play
2011-12-16 A Night of Alleluias Calhou SDA Church Choir Play
2011-12-09 The Chooir With No Audience Gary Rustad Play
2011-12-02 Unexpected Gifts Gary Rustad Play
2011-11-25 No Vacancy Gary Rustad Play
2011-11-18 The Real Father Abraham-Thankful Gary Rustad Play
2011-11-11 The Real Father Abraham (4) Gary Rustad Play
2011-11-04 Let's Talk..... David Brannon Play
2011-10-28 The Real Father Abraham (Part 3) Gary Rustad Play
2011-10-21 The Real Father Abraham (Part 2) Gary Rustad Play
2011-10-14 The Real Father Abraham (Part 1) Gary Rustad Play
2011-10-07 Keeping God as the Gatekeeper Albert Handal Play
2011-09-30 A Building Block of Faith Gary Rustad Play
2011-09-23 Why? Gary Rustad Play
2011-09-16 We All Need It Gary Rustad Play
2011-09-09 From Here On Out Albert Handal Play
2011-09-02 Life Worth Losing Albert Handal Play
2011-08-26 Learning From the Best Albert Handal Play
2011-08-19 The Only Reasonable Service Phil Mills Play
2011-08-12 It Takes All Gary Rustad Play
2011-08-05 When Nothing Leads to Joy, Literally Albert Handal Play
2011-07-29 Worry Wears Out It's Welcome Albert Handal Play
2011-07-22 Drop Dead Tired Albert Handal Play
2011-07-15 07-16-11.mp3 Play
2011-07-08 Joy in the Overcoming Albert Handal Play
2011-06-24 Death Vs. Joy Albert Handal Play
2011-06-17 Sufering Has a Smile..? Albert Handal Play
2011-06-10 Joyous and Alone? Albert Handal Play
2011-06-03 Philippians: Part I-Intro to Joy Albert Handal Play